Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive samples?
If you qualify for a survey, you’ll get lots of advance notice that samples are coming your way. They will arrive in a box from FedEx containing instructions on how to complete the study.
How much does it cost to join Feedback Consumer Guidance Panels?
Absolutely nothing. It’s free to join. If you qualify for a study in the future, you might even have the chance to EARN money!
I have other questions not answered here. Where can I email them?
If you communicate with me online, why are you asking for my address?
Sometimes we’re looking for people in a certain part of the country. We also need your address so that we can send you samples to taste at home.
What does it mean to “qualify” for a study?
For each study, we’re looking for a certain type of person. For example, if we are testing pre-natal nutrition products, we’d be trying to find pregnant women. Therefore, you probably wouldn’t qualify for that survey if you weren’t pregnant.. or were a man! Other studies require families with kids, or seniors, or Hispanic consumers. It just depends on the study. The best thing you can do is answer honestly, so you don’t end up rating a product that you would never use!
What does it take to serve on a Consumer Guidance Panel?
All it takes to serve on a panel is an Internet connection. We’ll let you know via email when we have a survey for you to complete. If you qualify, you might be asked to view a new food idea online and give us your input. Or, you might be asked if you’d be willing to receive prototypes of new products to sample at home.
What is your privacy policy?
The information you give Feedback Consumer Guidance Panels is used ONLY for conducting of research on new food and beverage products. Your information will NEVER be given or sold to a third party without your permission.
Why do I have to take that long survey?
The only reason we’re asking you so many questions is so that we can find you later on when we’re conducting a study. We’ll keep this information private. Forever.